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Drinking a Beer in all 169 CT Cities and Towns

Last year I had a beer in all 351 Massachusetts towns and raised approximately $40,000 for cancer research. This year I will be having a beer in all 169 CT towns to raise money for Smilow Children’s Hospital at Yale-New Haven. I am excited to meet all the great people in Connecticut.

Check out the places I will be going or where I’ve been using one of the links above. You can send me suggestions too!¬†You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and right here throughout the year to track my progress!

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2 Roads

What an amazing year. Over $50,000 raised. Thanks everyone for all the support

laststop laststop2 laststop3 laststop4 laststop5 laststop6

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My Place

newtown newtown2

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Prime 16


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Ashley’s House

4 towns to go. This is probably about the 10th time i had to go to someone’s house to have a beer! THanks for the donations guys.

bethany bethany2


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Angry Bull


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New Hartford

#163/New Hartford
Geoff & Mary’s

Two of the best people i met all year. I gave them an award for “Best Groupies”

newhart newhart2

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These nice people invited me over for my Hartland beer and actually donated. Had a great time.

hart hart2

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Infinity Hall

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Stomping Ground

This is a really cool craft beer bar that has live bands Weds-Sunday

putnam putnam2 putnam3 putnam4

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