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Drinking a Beer in all 169 CT Cities and Towns

Last year I had a beer in all 351 Massachusetts towns and raised approximately $40,000 for cancer research. This year I will be having a beer in all 169 CT towns to raise money for Smilow Children’s Hospital at Yale-New Haven. I am excited to meet all the great people in Connecticut.

Check out the places I will be going or where I’ve been using one of the links above. You can send me suggestions too! You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and right here throughout the year to track my progress!

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Ashley’s House

4 towns to go. This is probably about the 10th time i had to go to someone’s house to have a beer! THanks for the donations guys.

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Angry Bull


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New Hartford

#163/New Hartford
Geoff & Mary’s

Two of the best people i met all year. I gave them an award for “Best Groupies”

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These nice people invited me over for my Hartland beer and actually donated. Had a great time.

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Infinity Hall

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Stomping Ground

This is a really cool craft beer bar that has live bands Weds-Sunday

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Westbrook Lobster

Great people here and thanks for the donation! Great beers on tap!

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June’s Outback

Sometimes the most money is raised at the places you would least expect. June’s Outback is such a cool town bar in Killingworth. The people here were so creative and generous! They had all sorts of prizes that they used to raffle off to raise money. They even raised money for the bartender to dress up as a cow. June is such an awesome person and i highly suggest coming by here for a drink. They raised one of the most amounts of the year, $1875. Amazing job and thank you so much!

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